iridescent glass render

Hi everyone!

I have a question about the blender. I would liket to render some special glasses, “Pleochroism” and “Dichroic glasses”.

These are colorful glasses, If I change the angle of the light which reaches the glass, the color of the glass change and the color of the light which leaving the glass as well. I think it is a kind of polarisation effect.

Can I set this polarisation number and see how the the color change when I manipulate the angle?


Most render engines do not take polarization into account as the effect is small on most standard situations but it drives render times up. To get this type of effects the render engine must be spectral (not RGB), calculate polarization, and also support such anisotropic properties. Pleochlorism is a specific effect that needs its own algorithm, which, again drives render times up.

I would not hope that anything else but some experimental scientific render engine is able to simulate what you want.