iridescent paint job


Ever wondered how to do a nice iridescent paint job for your low rider models or choppers? I don’t know if anyone else has stumbled across this method before but here’s how I do it.

  1. Go to the materials section. Make a new material.

  2. Click the ramps tab.

  3. Make sure it is on “show color ramp” and click the “colorban” button.

  1. Click on the lines to drag them where you need them. Drag the transparent line at the start of the ramp to where you can see it and hit the “del” button. You won’t need this one.

  2. Click the “add” button to add new colors on the ramp. The new color is placed in the middle of the ramp, drag it where you want it.

  3. Change the input to “normal” from the drop down selection.

  1. Add as many color’s to the ramp as you need to replicate whatever paint job you want to make. This is just an example of the setup I used to make something like the first youtube example.

  2. Change the colors from the picker here. The active color on the ramp can be selected by clicking on the line or selecting it with the “cur:” number selection. The colors will show up on the surface from left, being the sharpest angle from the camera, and right being the most dead on facing the camera. Observe how your paint material reacts in real life to see where the individual color elements show up. Generally you want them evenly spaced but you can tweak it as you see fit.

  3. Change the factor to slightly less than 1. This is for the sparkle texture later.

  1. Create a noise texture using photoshop or whatever you prefer. Make sure it is black and white…or use the one I attached here.

  2. I won’t go into the details of how to map a texture on something but there are some settings you need to change to make it work for the glittery effect. Take a look at this and make the changes to match it. spec: 1.0, hard: 200, “col”, “hard”(inverted), no RGB (maybe redundant, it’s slightly different though), col: 0.2, blending mode: mix.

  1. It also helps to be able to control your sparkle from the lighting. Change the scale to increase or decrease your “sparkle” texture size. On a large car you would want the effect to look proportional to what it does in real life, right?

  2. For pretty yafray renders and such play with the reflectivity and specularity till it looks how you want it to. Small demo with the good old monkey. Hit P to run WASD rotates the monkeys.



Cool work, thanks for sharing, I’ve actually spent a good amount of time experimenting before, trying to see how I could do this, with not so good results.

This is why I love the colour ramps system, nice work.