Iris (Handpainted, Cycles)

Exploring new techniques with blender and photoshop

btw more stuff is here:


Well, your “link” asks me to “Log in to Instagram,” which I can’t and won’t do. Nonetheless, I’m sure that many of us would like to read more about what you did here – what was the raw [Cycles …] render output, what you then did with it, and so on. After all, plenty of folks who “like to hang around these parts” happen use all of these tools every routine day . . .

Very nice artwork.


This is probably because you’re not logged in.
I hope I’ll be able to make a tutorial on that thing :slight_smile:

Love the colors and style, wonderful piece.
Following you on Instagram.

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Thank you. More very soon!

Nice! I pulled this one up on my phone just so I could see it on an OLED.


Wow, love this! Explore this!

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I think that “computer-rendered Art” is fair game here, if Blender had a part in its making. But we all use the same digital tools – and are from time to time happily introduced by this sort of thing to brand-new ones. Keep it coming!


This definitely stands out. Good job in its making. I don’t quite know how you did it

Thank you :slight_smile: