Iris textures on gimp

Does anyone know how to create iris textures on GIMP that resemble this tutorial:

Thanks in advance:yes:

I just followed the tutorial using Gimp 2.6 and was able to get very similar results to what they show. Gimp has all the same tools, so it was pretty straight forward.

not the link I was after but close, gimp step by step, play with setting to get desired effect.

Thanks alot guys, i’m first gonna try the tutorial posted last.

you’ve saved me alot of trouble.:D:D:D

by following that tutorial here’s what i got:eyebrowlift2:’

Thanks again


Looks very good!

A nice tut. I made a nice cat green one slightly torquoise with little yellowish around the pupil. But how if at all needed is best to get rid of the seem i got at zero angel on top of the circular texture. Now one needs how to make best the veins for the white surrounding of the eyeball.