Irish step-dance animation or mocap?

I’ve been looking around for a file of Irish step-dancing suitable for use in Blender, and the best I can find is a pack of Irish dances for Second Life that I’d need to buy in Linden Dollars. Mixamo is no help, since none of their motions resemble the style at all.
Anyone know a good source of free or paid (under $50) Irish step-dance animation? I even tried running some clean Youtube video of Morgan Bullock through one of those online 2D to 3D motion sites, but the result was a terrifying useless twitching.

Ummm, I think that you’re either going to “mocap” an experienced and patient dancer, or do some very patient hand-animation. The results, if you achieve them, will be stunning, and no doubt #featured.

Idly musing over all of this, I think that the first important factor is that the dance-hits must be precisely timed to the music track. You might be able to express the various movements efficiently as “actions,” but the dancers’ feet strike the floor and(!) there are certain hand movements that are absolutely locked to the music. License authentic commercial-grade dance music for use in your production.

Have a look here

You may have entered the wrong search words. We don’t call our tradtional dancing step-dancing, we call it ceili dancing. :grinning: