anybody irish here?

just wondering… i can’t be the only blender user in the whole country…can i?? :o

Well, even though I’m American and genetically speaking predominately German, I use to hold to my Irish heritage much more than my German or English blood, but then I gave up culture and heritage for the things that really matter.

i’m not really talking about irish as in heritage, i mean currently in ireland, like me. i’m in co.wicklow (just south of Dublin)

Should’ve asked on the 17th… we’d’ve all been Irish then, hehe.


Don’t worry marf your not the only Irish blenderhead. I’m from Dublin so I’m not too far away from you.

:stuck_out_tongue: yay…not the only one, and dub too. north or southside?
didnt expect anywhere so close.

i can relax now, i dont have to represent the whole contry on my own.hehe.

I’m a northsider :slight_smile:

For a while there I thought I was the only one too untill I found out that one of the guys I know also does a bit of blending now and then.

Trust me there’s more of us in this little country, especially if I can confince a few others to start it up during their spare time.

hmm i live in botswana and i think i’m the only one in this country. anyways i hope that will change soon when i introduce it to the school.


I lived in Botswana '96 and '97 while doing an Environmental Impact Assessment for the Gope diamond mine in the Makgadikgadi Reserve. Lived in Francistown and Nata. Great place, great people!


I live in England but am American. I’m probably the only American in England, the rest wouldn’t be so stupid. I thought I was the only Blender user under 13, but Valarking and some of the others are pretty close.

(I’m 13 next week! Yeah!)

yeah lightning don’t forget about me

the again how could you forget me

guess where i come from :smiley:

I’m 14.
I believe I was 12 when I first posted on the message boards.

You mean it’s only been two years, it seems so much longer. 8)

I’m not Irish, but I do live just over the North pole from there. :wink:

So where are your parents then??


cool! my father did a lot of work in Nata back then. maybe you now him. his name is Jan Broekhuis.


yeah, well me and alltaken are representing new zealand. w00t!

im actually curious as to how much people know of NZ. when my sis was in the UK, the people she was staying with told her she had very good english for a new zealander. hilarious.

irish people rock 8)

Noozieland… that’s a province of Tasmania, isn’t it?



you are joking right?

So where are your parents then??

No, there here too but tht doesn’t really count…

Why not?