Irishlostboy - Sketchbook

(My highlighted work in progress above)

I am breaking off from my first post in the “work in progress” section of the forum, to create a sketchbook here. This will allow me to go off and do different things without cluttering the forum.
My online name is Irishlostboy, and I used to do a lot of 3d environment art way back in the depths of time. I used to put out free texture packs and free models for modders and indy game developers, and they were pretty successful. I used to use 3ds max.
I stopped doing 3d years ago and focused on other stuff. But during the virus time I decided to play with 3d again. I tried blender, and although it is far from perfect, it is pretty good now, and so I decided to get into it. I am not doing any specific projects, (and I am not available for any) I will just mess around in (mostly) 3d and see what happens. Odds are good that whatever I make I will eventually make available for free, pretty much as I used to do… But first I have to make things worth having. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Don’t be shy.
Let’s see what happens next.

For those interested, and in the interest of keeping things linked together, here is the link to my first post, a thread documenting my first blender creation,

I will probably not update it, rather I will put updates here.

I am blocking in some game-level geometry here. It is all just lumpy primitive shapes. But it is I find a good way of getting a feel for space. Game levels are kind of tough I think because what you see in the editor usually feels different to what you feel once in-game. You get swallowed by detail and technical issues, instead of the flow and the view. So here I am trying to fight that just by generating “Spaces”. I think a week or two of space creation, just enough to get it to run in a basic games engine, and then I will think of actually making something attractive and functional. This is my theory anyway.