iRobot Roomba 880

Good day, everyone!

This is my first post on blenderartists, I started to learn blender from the middle of march of 2014 from absolute zero! I even didn’t know what is render at all and how it could be customized :slight_smile: So, I’ve worked on this on evenings, after work :slight_smile:

And today I’m working on a big enough for me project - a room - and this robot is not a finished result itself (that’s why the render samples actually not enough) but just a small part of this room :slight_smile: If I find time and energy to finish this room - think, it could be my next post :slight_smile:

So, hope for your comments, critics and impression. Thank you!


Hey there!
Pretty good work, for starters. (=
For me biggest issues are overall darkness of the render, and grey wall… Its to… bland. (=
Continue your work!