this is a robot that im working on…the iRobot (inspired by iPod and movie I, Robot)
rite now its in very early stages, tell me wat you think of it

Good Job

Just don’t let apple find out about this or else they could sue…those money hungry #$%^

Really cool! I tried to make that robot from I, Robot once, and failed :-?
Keep going! Maybe a face?

I think the Apple symbol was a good addition. Makes it look 10 times more expensive now ;). Possibly align the symbol better and use a higher quality image (lossless too). Maybe you could model the symbol and give it a volume, then add a translucent material with some specularity like what’s on the imacs.

I think the legs are ok because they look like they’re designed for going fast but I don’t think the arms should be the same unless it’s a 4 legged creature. They just look redundant and without functionality. I think traditional arms would look much better.

Ooo give him the smiley Mac face… no wait, I was just kidding.

awesome, thanks for the crits:
-im hoping to model the logo for the final version, and draw the logo over so its hi-rez and lossless
-im still tryin to figure out about the arms. i was thinkin that these would b versatile for final animation, so he can go 4 legged or walk on two.

thinkin of changin hydraulics color to be more iPod-ish

Hey Nice job.
PS: Vulcan i noticed ur small print :stuck_out_tongue:

Just don’t let apple find out about this or else they could sue…those money hungry #$%^

Well there’s things on the internet like the Idick(just do a google search) Ill let your imagination figure out what that one is.

googleing idick mostly returns non-english sites and porn…

lol but i remember it was a very funny iMac parody, maybe if you do a thread search(its been mentioned b4)

Do you mean the iBrator? :o This is actually a few years old already…A search for iDick turned up, after a while, a Weekly World News cover saying that Dick Cheney is a robot…

note: I actually typed his name, but in the preview, it got changed…%|


Looks good, gets the iMac look.

Lol: Maybe I’ve been working too hard, but that fact that writting an unisulting message like “Do you like that D-ick Cheney” turns into an insulting message “do you like that Dick Cheney” because of a nanny feature is immensely funny…

Like I say, I’ve been working too hard…

I haven’t seen I,Robot yet, so maybe someone can help me out: what’s with this guys hands and feet? he’s got flipper! he might be a good swimmer, but in that case, why not make a fish robot?

…anyone explain?