Iron Dragon - Feature Film in Progress

This is something I wanted to do since I’ve been watching Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Iron Man. I’m making this to Denmark, my country as the (probably) first superhero CG animated film.

My goal with this film is to make it commercial, meaning it’ll be published by a film distributor in the future once its completion is nearing the end.

I already have a modeler doing the titular character’s main appearance throughout the film’s first half. I only need to create the backgrounds and assets to the scenes of the movie.

Development of the film:
Script: 0%
Characters: 0%
Environments: 0%
Assets: 0.1%
Voice Actors: 0%
Animation: 0%

I’ll be doing edits on the animation instead of making storyboards to the film, since it’s a bit complicated to draw animated armor on paper or 2D program.

So, for that, I’ll be doing work on the environments tomorrow from the morning until 2PM. I hope I can do this correctly this time. Of course, I’ll share the WIP for help if I can’t figure it out by myself.

That’s it for now. Until tomorrow, my friends.

Know what you’re getting into though.

A good quality feature-length animation tends to take years to produce, and that is with an entire team of people. Unless everything is somewhat on the simplistic side, you are looking at many years if not decades of work if you do it alone or even with a small group of people.

There is another person on this forum who is making a movie based on talking guinea pigs and after years of work and several revisions, has gotten only a small fraction of the film done. Unless you find a way to raise funds for a team, you will need a level of dedication that few people achieve.

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BlueGuineaPig? I know him.

Yeah, high quality movies do tend to be made by a big team from a studio, but since we’re only two, I could use some help regarding some things such as voice acting and music.

It’ll be simple for now, but if I gain experience, it’ll be better in quality once I do gain something from modeling assets and backgrounds, as well as rigging the characters.

If you know some friends who might be interested, do let them know of my project, Ace. I could really use their help in animation, lighting, rough/final layout, etc.

I’ll try to crowdfunding my superhero film once a few years has passed for the project. That sounds easier than finding a producer, right?

I am just about to make the first scene in the office of Albino International, the company that the title character owns in the film. It is going to be an interior sequence as you can see.

I’ll share more progress of the scene as I continues throughout the day of making it.

I am now trying to make the robot arm that is in one scene of the movie. As you can see, it’s very basic right now since I’m still learning Blender.

I use a reference image to get the basic shape of the model before I go into rigging the arm to make it able to move and rotate. Are there anything related with rigging a robot arm as a basic tutorial for me? I’d like to learn how to make a basic rig before advancing it forward in the process of my film.

That is all for now of the progress. Still very small in term of film assets development stat.

A comic book series is going to be a tie-in to this film as a prequel where you’ll be seeing how Arashi will be getting into the suit that is going to be into the film’s second half.

I’m just going to be asking someone at my school to help with the panels as I write them to the person.

I hope to receive a good response by her to my superhero series. This was just to notify you from what I have as marketing for the movie’s future release. I’m still working, just taking a small break right now. Need to refresh my brain, ya know?