Iron Giant


My first project posted at blenderartists. Done with Blender 2.67 and rendered with Cycles. Hope you like it!

Hope you like it!


This is terrific work you’ve done here, joanrp! It truly deserves more views. The modeling, texturing, materials and lighting are all well done. I can tell you put a good amount of time into this. You’ve even given the rivets on the metal panels a faded, aged look. This is outstanding for a first project to post! Great stuff!
What did you enjoy most about working on this?

I think if anything would help to attract more views to this fantastic image, setting the Iron Giant up so that he is more prominent in the frame would help. Since he’s so similar to the electrical components in the background, the image becomes unclear, and due to the way the forums display thumbnails, this wide aspect ratio image becomes very small.

Upload another thumbnail, maybe even a square crop of this with the Iron Giant filling the frame, and set it as the default thumbnail, and I guarantee you’ll get the views you deserve. Great job!

Wow I really like it. It looks almost exactly like the film. But on James’s point you could make it so he doesn’t look like the back ground.

I love the Iron Giant! Great image you’ve created there, and I agree with James and Littlemonkey;as a suggestion I would try an angular lense and reframing with a low angle shot.

Great work! I like the character.

Very nicely done. Watch the shallow focus, though; it probably bites away some of the sense of scale.
Aw, now I really want to watch this film again. Maybe you could show us a Freestyle render of the Giant to see how it compares.

Thank you all guys! I really appreciate your comments. I guarantee you that I will try your suggestions. I’ll make a different angle shot and a more square thumbnail, may even try the freestyle render, I’ve never done it before but it’s a good time to try it.