Iron Maiden!!!!!!!

Iron Maiden were so amazing last night. did anyone (except Jake) go or planning on going to any of the other tour dates?
I got right to the front, i was only about 10ft from Mat Heafy (lead singer of Trivium) and Bruce Dickinson waved at me!

Did you throw your panties at him? kidding
They were in South Africa earlier this year. A few of my friends saw them, but I’ve never really liked them much for some reason. I like hard rock/metal, just never got hooked onto Iron Maiden.

I haven’t seen Maiden since the “Fear of the Dark” tour, which was friggin awesome.

Would be nice to see them again. Not sure when they will be back here in Toronto though. Will have to go and check their tour dates.


talking of Fear of the Dark that had to be the best song they performed of the night, that along with 2 minutes to midnight.

Cool, I’ve seen Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickenson about 10 or so times over the last 15 years. Even though they may not be on the charts they really have put out some excellent music every year or two. One should really pay attention to the new stuff as it is every bit Iron Maiden as in the early days.

I like hard rock and a lil’ metal too plus punk but I’ve never even raised my eyebrow on Iron Maiden.

So true man. That has to be the best gig I’ve been to yet!
Seriously, anyone who likes metal should try and go to this tour

Gutted I can’t make this thursday near mine, though my parents are going (lucky bastards).

god i would hate my parents if they had tickets to a gig like that and hadnt got one for me. Jake, im assuming you were in all the pits, n probably started a few?

Don’t ask stupid questions mike