Iron Man Helmet and modelling question...

I’ve been modelling this Iron Man helmet, just for a bit of fun. It just has some basic shaders at the moment but I’ll probably paint some textures, maybe some damage.

I do have a question about something that’s been bugging me for ages if anyone knows of a solution? When I’m subsurf modelling I often get annoying bumpy creases coming from any inside corners. Like this:

Here’s the topology:

Anyone know how to avoid this?

yep, welcome to SUB-D modeling. :slight_smile: there are a few ways to overcome this.

one: model a whole head without individual panels. when you’re happy with the shape apply subdivision modifier so you get the dense mesh. then proceed to cutting out individual panels, bevel the cut edges. the downside, you’re stuck with the poly count and can’t adjust subdivisions anymore.

two: again, create the whole head, but duplicate it and place on another layer. work on panels as you did with this one. at the end just shrinkwrap panels to the whole head you kept intact. you’ll be amazed how that method can iron out such creases, just don’t know if it helps in every case. also, instead of shrinkwrap modifier you can just snap individual offending vertices to whole-head surface, basically the same thing…

good luck!

this helmet was created with the first method