Iron man WIP

Hello everyone!
I am working on an iron man suit! Still making some tweaks to the modeling. What does everyone think about the materials?

not too bad. looks like it might be internal? might try lux or cycles… maybe even yaf. might be a little too rounded on the corners in some areas but not bad

I agree with the not bad comment…but I would suggest really taking your time with this…there are so many details on the Iron Man suit…also, don’t worry with adding materials at this early stage, just do some nice clay renders, and also upload some screens of the model in edit mode (solid, not transparent)…good luck with this project!! :smiley:

Thanks for the comments. It’s actually done in cycles. My plan is once I have every part (just have the torso so far) I will add the fine details to the model.

i would suggest going to blend swap and downloading the iron man suit. there is one model in praticular that is really good that will stand out. i suggest you download it and study the topo. this can help a lot when you see some one who has done it successfully.

This one really stands out but it’s topology isn’t the best:
There aren’t any textures, but this is probably the best to use as a reference if you want to make your own iron man render.
The suit looks good from a distance, but if you look close you can see the pinches in the meshes created by bad topology.

i remember a nicer looking one than that. i downloaded it at one point so i know it was there. idk what happened to it. it must have been taken down. hey. work with what you have though.

hey mdrd,
So, I’m not familiar enough with IronMan to know weather or not you’re on model or not. Are you working from reference? Also, can you most some more images of the model? i.e., front, side, wires etc. It’s really hard to tell how well you’re doing with just a single, oddly composed, front view render. As far as the materials go, you’re really going to have a hard time with reflective metal if you don’t have anything to reflect in your scene. I would suggest using a generic HDRI image. It will really help a lot when doing materials. But, I agree that you shouldn’t really be worrying about materials at this early stage in the project.

Thanks for the input! Here are some more shots.

the breast plate is by far too flat. it has a lot of shape to it in the blue print you are using. adding small details first on something like this is advisable in my op. you have a lot of small partst inbetween a lot of large parts, so if you wait till later, you might find the small parts dont fit the way you would like. better model them as you go in my op.

its not bad for where you are progress wise. i have a fealing this will shape up to be a very good model in the end, just maybe will need a little fine tuning allong the way.

Can you please upload the refernece images.

Okay. It looks like I am getting to the point to start adding the fine details, it’ll probably end up hurting me if I don’t start now.

Here is the reference.

Thank you :smiley: