Iron Man

So I’ve started an iorn man project. As you can see it’s extreamly blockly and not smooth at all. I tryed to use subsurf, and it looks decent with a subsurf level of 3. But subsurf also rounds out the edges of his mouth where then conners need to be sharp. Does anyone have any ideas?

Edit: And can I make the same object have two or more materials? I want to start on the rest of the head, but its red, and I dont want to make it a different object if I dont have to.



Nice start by the way. To make the corners of the mesh sharper, you just need to add some extra edges at the boundaries of the mesh. Using loop cuts (Ctrl-R) is ideal for this.

Thanks ben…

what about giving one object more than one material?

Thanks a tun
I’m starting to make some progress. I think I’m going to finish the model with out subsufracing it until the end, and then go back through to make all the little detailed changes…

You can also select an edge and hit shift+E and scale that up and it brings the subsurfed edge closer to that edge. It’s what Blender calls a crease.

Do you know about “Set Smooth” option? It’s in the mesh editing tab. Makes meshes smooth.
Great model, btw!!

Good start!
“Set smooth” option is what you need.
I hope to see the progress. You’ll learn a lot if you finish this. :wink: And we’ll enjoy a great render, dont’ you?

Just found some stuff you might find useful reference-wise. Good luck.