Iron sky

Hey, have you seen or even heard of this movie yet:

There is also a game for iphone about this movie and it will be converted to android also.

Okay, I just wanted to tell, that in this game there is some special effects made with blender by me. The asteroids are made with blender and the missile and bullet icons.

I am not the graphical designer of this game, I was just helping the lead designer with those my 3d things. The meteorites and the bullet and missile icons. :slight_smile:

The movie looks awesome. I’m hoping for a Making of with breakdowns on the BD or on the web… I love the style of the VFX…

Edit: Trailer:


Holy…:eek:…This looks awesome on so many levels :smiley:

they should have Obama starting wars without congressional approval and
killing American citizens without congress or any other authority,
starting race wars and riots among the people to further his weak grip of power,
creating distractions from his failed policies, lying and covering up his past.
ohhh… that would be a movie to see.

The space battles look great

Cool. :cool:

Here is also the first 4 minutes of the movie and gameplay video of the game

The first time I saw a trailer for this movie I didn’t know if it was a joke or a real movie. When I found out it was a legit movie I was amazed (Unless I have just been mislead by everyone and it isn’t a real movie.) I am looking forward to seeing it. On a side note, its very impressive that twenty artist did all the visual effects in only eight months.

Very nice work on the asteroids, the models and the GUI in the game look just right for a well produced drive by casual game for film promotion, although the pace is a little sedate for myself though :smiley:

Ah my good countries history always good for movies. I really did not like Indianer Jones and the Russians something was just missing.

What is interesting about IronSky is how they crowd funded it and also let viewers feedback and ideas influence the story teling a little.

There are rumours that blender has been used on some parts of this movie… have anybody else heard about this or have I been april fooled?? :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of any Blender involvement. Can’t wait to see the film though.

My friend Lee Stringer was part of the 3D team. Here’s a case study about the 3D in the film

Space Nazis, what’s NOT to love =D
I too look forward to seeing this cult-classic-to-be.

Aah… Its probably the work mentioned in the game and I who have misunderstood it at some point.
Looking forward to see it though :slight_smile: