Ironman [avengers]

Hey guys…thanks reading this post…since the last three days I have been working in this model…this is my first attempt to model a character…so any ideas or tips would be appreciated & thanks in advance…i am using blender 2.62…


Proportions could use a little work, but it’s coming along nicely. I’d at the very leas extend the forearms to where the knuckles are not quite halfway down the thigh.

Thnx #Xraygunner…Yup now I m working in its fingers which would extend to its half thigh…I will be uploadinding my model soon…

Hey…I have completed my IRONMAN…i would expect some tips…to improve my modelling…and if anyone could help me modelling the fist and its fingures…i will be thankful…


Ah, I see now. Much better. From the original pictures it looked as if he just had stubby forearms, lol! Keep it up!

your Ironman looks cool. Can you show some wireframes? I think you could use some much better lighting though.

Thnx for the appreciation…yaa. Here’s the wireframe mode of it. I have used to much of subsurface modifier and used some edge loops due to which there’s a black shading in every corner of it.