ive decided i want to start to model ironman im really excited but i just cant find any reference pictures of him. if anyone knows where i could find them or could draw them for me that would be awesome:D
Here is a iron man sheet for you. He is not exactly like in the movie, but I don’t think you can make a iron man with the same quality as in the movie. With this sheet you can make the model your own. Good luck…:rolleyes:

i’d rather have the one from the movie, maybe i could make my own animation out of it

Alright here I found some…

Ok I just took the ones that I thought could be working. I couldn’t find any from both front and sideview.

Anyway you are going to start modeling from scratch … make it your version … no need to copy it…
you are depended on references because you are using poly by poly method to model.

Try box modeling to do this … you dont need exact front view and side view to work…
To learn box modeling try wings3d and then when you get the basic concepts do it in blender.
Warning!! you cant pose or texture in wings3d(as you do in blender)… but you can learn box modeling…

i only want to model the head, preferably the one from the movie. here is a video which has perfect references:

i commented him asking where he got them from and he said they were original marvel blueprints. i then commented saying what website, and he hasn’t replied. maybe someone knows where to get them?

Hi there i was searching myself for those blueprints but could not find any on the net
so i’ve captured 2 frames from the french dudes video and photoshop did the rest for me . hope it will work for you

greetings Crow

Thanks for the reference. I saw ur wip video on youtube. Looks like its coming along nicely.

And its interesting to see how similar the modeling style is using 3DMax.

i’m sorry, but I use Blender and the video you saw on youtube is not my work
i just ripped of 2 frames to compose a front and side view of the head
but anyway’s it is to bad the user of that video did not response on requests for the reference, glad i could help

greetz Cr3ator:cool: