Irritable Blender syndrome

Blender will not open where I closed it. The size and shape of the window is recollected but it’s position is not. I know this is a mere trivial issue, but it’s beginning to get under my skin having to reposition the window every time I open it. This problem does not occur with any other programs. They all follow the same rules windows has in place for memorizing size and position when an application or window is closed.

I haven’t been able to find this subject anywhere. I just want to know if I’m the only one experiencing this issue. And again, I know this isn’t the end of the world, but it’s annoying. I never had this problem before the 2.65 I believe.

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What operating system are you using?

Thanks for the reply Fweeb.
Windows 8. I also thought this might have something to do with it, but like I said previously, I don’t have this issue with any other apps. So I figured maybe that feature got missed while upgrading to new versions by developers. I know they at least worked in that area because the size is still being recollected. Perhaps “someone got sidetracked”, was my first thought. But seeing how your asking me about my OS, I’d have to come to the conclusion you don’t have this issue. I’d be happy to post my system specs if you’d like.

Thanks again

There are command line parameters you can add to a Shortcut to make Blender appear where you want at the size you want.

-con -p 210 90 1280 720

Will place Blender @ 210,90 on the screen at a size of 1280x720 with the console displayed.

Hi Atom.
1st, Did you have to do this for win 7? 2nd, I’m no coder but if I was given proper instruction on how to do so, I believe I could do it.

UPDATE: It’s not my system. 2.67 and prior recalls position then stops at 2.68 and 2.69.

Did you copy the settings over and over from previous versions? Or, have you tried to load factory defaults and then save the startup.blend ?

(I’m not a Windows user and I’m not experiencing this, but sometimes info editor is dragged a few pixels down when opening other people’s files)

Yeah, I tried that. And what you describe is pretty much what it’s doing. I usually have it full width at the top extending down to the task bar. I have my task bar set to auto-hide leaving a gap under the window so I can get at a few shortcuts on my desktop. When I open Blender it wants to open at the bottom of the screen (correct size) with the gap at the top. So I end up having to move it back to top when opening every time.