irrlicht player?

Erwin Coumans is coding a BSD/MIT/Zlib licensed .blend reader. He intends to make a .blend compatible freely licensed player using Irrlicht and Bullet.
sounds interesting but what exactly does it mean? a player for the game engine? a web player too? why not switch the whole blender game engine to irrlicht then? will all the automatic GLSL stuff work with this?

Wow, what great news!

I think the idea is that this will help developers get around the GPL nature of Blender and the Blenderplayer. Irrlicht has a extremely open license, meaning your binary product can be sold without worry.

Sounds like they would make something that can interpret .blend files into a game engine using irrlicht.

Where did you hear that quote?

>>Where did you hear that quote?


readblend, a library to extract data from a .blend file is the first target. It is progressing well, and reading Objects, Meshes, Materials, Textures, Collision Bounds Data, Rigid Body data is working now.

You can check the BulletReadBlend windows executable here.

Next step is hooking this up to Irrlicht…