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(ScottishPig) #1

Yep. This month’s stills topic is “winter.” I am being inspired by a famous movie (That I keep rambling on and on about) called ‘Shackleton’. I am modelling the Endurance going through an icefield near the south pole. It looks pretty wintery to me.

…Will post updates as they are readily available. Comments more than welcome

(ScottishPig) #2

Posted after the ice being ‘too sharp’

(DAK) #3

That is very good work! But where are snow particles coming from sky?
I think you will win with this.

([email protected]) #4

isnt it a bit high in the water a trip that deep into the ice you would need supplys id figure it would be lower in the water

(stephen2002) #5

It is looking good. You have some solid modeling on the ship.


  • The ice looks strange, kinda like marble. Same for the sails, but maby that is supposed to be ripples in the sails.

  • The scene seems to be lit up too much considering how dark the sky is.

  • Those two halso on top of the masts, I assume they are lamps. You might get better results modeling some rudimentary lamps and throwing them up there. Maby make the glow yellow.

  • If you want to make it look really cold, throw in some fallings snow :slight_smile:

(ScottishPig) #6

Your comments seem to do me most good. I am taking heed. You’re right, I could add some snow. As for the ice, I have moved it around a little since you posted, but nothing major. I think the sails look allright, but I could do some more with the water. It was in the chatrooms that someone said it looked too purple- since then I have changed the colour minutely. You shall all see my next post a little later on… in a few hours maybe- I also have a raytracer running out this pic as we (I) speak (type).
It should be going all right… time will tell - and I hope I win IRTC (As does everyone else)

(ScottishPig) #7


([email protected]) #8

i just had a thaught you could put some detail on the hull, like missing paint and fronst it would look great! :stuck_out_tongue:

(DAK) #9

There should be many more snow flakes than this. And there should be a gradient for it too.
Also, why do snow flakes look like poor halos?

(Turrin) #10

For the strangest reason I can’t see any of the links…
I just loaded up SP2 for WIN2000…wonder if that did it? Hrmm…darn microsoft.


(LohnS) #11

i can’t see the pics either :S

(S68) #12

Grrr… add the links, not only inline images! They don’t show up :frowning: :frowning: