[Irvine] free Rig, .blend inside

Hello mates

Hello mates, let me introduce those characters to the nice community.

yet another 2.5x rig for Blender, “Irvine” & his owl “Habla” , I was intending to make a short comedy clips out of this, but got some more important projects to do here, will sure revisit those someday, in the mean time, feel free to work with this and make animations and post it here =]

the work is licensed under this license

using Nathan’s rig with some enhancements, and getting inspired by many different robots…
let’s see what kind of animations you can make out of this,

:: Download link :::

Looking good!! Love the little guy with him, and his heart there is an interesting concept. I’m thinking with the download link there and these interesting quirks of the character, a short film is coming? =)

Is he rigged yet also? or is that in the works?

download link is added now

a short film

I wish I have time to spare for a short film of that character, I have the story in mind, but more important things should be finished =[
glad you like it.
ps: hey guys, if you made an animation of that bot, let me know about it so it is added to this thread, if you use this character please credit me, it was inspired many characters and put together into this new character!

I tried posting this to blendernation,… let’s hope they like it =]

here it is at BN

free rig + cycles + composting + Ps = my new wallpaper.

K here’s the original render + composting if anybody want to have a look:-

Um, I tried downloading it, and upon opening it, I found dozens of duplicate bones and riggings that really aren’t necessary, as well as an excessive amount of lights. That really makes this hard to work with. Perhaps, try uploading one with just the rig and model. :confused:

I managed to shave off all the extras floating around, and Named everything. Plus I made the eyes separate. Hope I didn’t delete anything important!:eyebrowlift2:


irvine.blend (1.58 MB)

someone made an animation out of it

ps: tnx all.


i love such simple characters. Here is a little speedy i made with them. :eyebrowlift:

Far away from perfekt my animation, but i thought you would like to see that people play around with your rig :slight_smile:

wow, that is really perfect!!! hahaha
please continue making it