Is 1000x1000 pixels enough?

Heya =3 Got yet another newbie query.

I’m using image textures that i’ve made myself in photoshop on a model, and they’re all 1000x1000 pixels in PNG format, and look just fine. But when I apply them to my model, the textures seem blocky and just basically lower quality than they normally look.

Do I just need to increase the resolution, or is there something else that i’m missing?

I’m no expert on textures but I can say that textures work better in blender if they adhere to certain sizes, multiples of two.


etc. Also variants of the same work well also,

512 x 1028
1024 x 2048
2048 x 3072

And so on, etc. I know these sizes work. Also meshes can also be stacked (if feasible) to maximize a texture and ease computing.

Better idea is to go with digital thousand: 1024x1024 and such - 512x512, 2048x2048. Computer stuff just loves this. Another is - see image in natural environment, save, use some viewer.
If you’ll try to cover Skies with 1k and render 4k image, that might be a bit short. For most of the non exhibition works 1k is probably good to go; with 2k you’ll be on the safe side but it’ll take more pc resources to produce the end result. Say, you have screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels on most of the occasions. Your object will take what part of that - one half? less? Then, you can see only half of the texture pixels at once anyway. Are you using as much texture space as possible? Some of that 1k or 2k will be wasted but you need to squeeze out maximum, placing your uv’s as tight as possible.
If that’s some close-up showing 1/10th of the object you need more, of course. So it depends on what you intend to do.
There’s more science to it; this was just a brutal approximation, some things to consider. Hope helps.

Show your files - that’ll allow for more educated guesswork here.

If youre rendering a character portrait, where the character dominates the frame, ABSOLUTELY render 2048x2048… at a minimum.
And… if you you’re rendering “Hair particles” and SSS then ramp the percentage of your render up to 150%-200% (the slider right below render size.
You’ll gain much, much sharper render

This is not exactly an easy thing to do… but…

Try to estimate how big your texture is going to appear onscreen.

If it’s a UV-mapped object, then it needs to be a much bigger texture than if it’s tiled all over something. If it’s tiled, then you also have to set the level where you can’t see if it’s repeated too obviously.

1024x1024 is big enough for most tillable textures, as that’s a bit over half the screen area at 1080p, but beware you’re going to zoom in to part of the texture - or if your going to see the object from so far away that it becomes very obviously tiled - though geometry or mixing textures can solve too much repetition.