IS-2 1944 Heavy tank (animated)

Hey everyone! My IS-2 is finally done, it was really long way to create this tank and develop physical rig for suspension and track.

I’d like to thank everyone who took part in my “Work In Project” thread:

Made with Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine 4. Hope you like it :slight_smile:






Hi, this is a great job, and I think you should share it on other sites like cgtalk or artstation G everywhere. .
Congratulations to the entire project you’ve accomplished optimally.

Looks absolutely stunning! So the UE4 renders look so much better now only because it is not animated? I hope they improve this.

But you did a fantastic job. Do you plan to set it into a realistic landscape?


Thank you everyone!

@pafurijaz: It’s on ArtStation already, but I will try CGTalk too, cheers!

@thorst: Yes, the lighting work much better on static meshes. Animated object have their limitations. I will think about environment but for sure it won’t be available this year.

Awesome work! Render in Cycles looks so photorealistic!
But it seemed to me that the road wheels in the animation move a little faster than necessary in relation to the caterpillar.

Thanks @AlexeySol! Wheels are steered by simulation, so trust me, they move well :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I believe you))

Really great job, a lot of fine details in there!

Few questions about S Painter: how many texture sets you used to cover the tank? More o less how many layers for each textureset? Did become very slow on your hardware?

Cool! Just in time for the 100th birthday of the tank!
Have you considered adding some particles to the animation? Dust and concrete chips?

During the video there are some artifacts on the headlamp and on the engine vents (not the main ones but the smaller ones).
But other than that it looks amazing.

Thank you very much for Feature Row! Wow :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

@mik1190: I used 2x4k for turret, and 5x4k for hull. Each set has around 30 layers of materials mixed with masks. I’m using a laptop with GT740m and it was quite slow indeed.

@Smoking_mirror: I thought about particles, but it will take a lot of time to get on high enough visual level. Yeah, I know about these artifacts, but can’t do nothing with them. They are just a limitations of game engines.

cool looking tank


A fantastic piece of work you have done here … It all looks so good … It must have required a great deal of patience .
Animation WOW … So nice … I thought 8 min. Hmm … But I enjoyed them all … You deserve your stars … :slight_smile:

You have some real good camera angles and switch between them.
The detail of your tank is huge and looks damn good.


That looks incredible.

Great work on the model and materials and especially the track and suspension sim, but, I dunno, something seems to be missing, can’t put my finger on it… OH YEAH – no KABOOM! All that work & it’s not blowing s**t up? Seriously, though, a tank’s primary function is as mobile artillery. You have the mobile well-handled, but I really miss the KABOOM! Plus it would give a whole new dimension to the simulation in terms of recoil, muzzle flash FX, etc.

Wow, that is very impressive work.

I’m curious as to the poly count of the model.

All kinds of Awesome… I really love the runny stripe paint job…

Whoa…! Thats really impressive. I love the simulation on the treads, with their little jiggle on the top return. My Grandfather told me he got in trouble for taking a tracked machine across the parade ground and tearing it up in training, he was never allowed to drive in battle after that (I think he was lucky).

Your driver is steely eyed driving over that terrain :wink:

I also hoped for a Kaboom!

Dude as an avid Warthunder player, I gotta say, this looks amazing!

congrats! again top row, good job

Like it!
How do you release animation in UE4?