Is 2.68 unstable?

Ive been using Blender for almost a year now and can count on one hand the crashes I have experienced. I downloaded 2.68 and now its crashing on me left and right. Every time I try to bake anything (normal maps, AO, textures, etc.) it crashes. If I select too many objects, it crashes. Is anyone else having any problems regarding crashing in this build?

There’s been a bugfix release, 2.68a, get it asap. Otherwise, make sure you’re using the 64bit variant if possible on your system, 32bit could run out of memory rather quickly.

Boy do I feel like a fool now…You hit the nail on the head. Accidently clicked the wrong download link and got the 32 bit version. Thanks for the response. I can just imagine how long that would of taken me to figure out, and how much productive time I would of wasted messing around with it. Thanks a million!