Is 60k triangles per character really the standard?

I am trying to find out how many triangles I should be working with. I’ve read that it’s about 25k per naked character. When adding cloths the one character reaches about 60k. Is this the target I should work at?

How many triangles per playable game scene? I read that the AAA games use 11million? If this is true, It will make it quicker for me to make game assets. Right now it takes me about 7 days to make one game asset. But if I am able to sell with that many triangles, I could do them in about 2 day each.

I want to target the rx 460 2GB as the minimum.

I’ve never known of any “standard” on the complexity of a model. You simply need enough geometry to express the detail that you need in a close-up shot, and so that you can automatically generate reduced-poly-count models from it (for use in long shots) without unacceptable loss of detail. (I don’t know where “11 milion” comes from.)

In the context of a game, one must always remember the least powerful hardware that might run it. (This is why I advise mobile-app developers to buy their test machines at supermarket checkout lines, and to leave their thousand-dollar “iPhone X2’s” at home.)

A lot of the “apparent detail” actually comes from texturing, and from mathematical tricks like smoothing. Even a low-poly model can look fantastic if the materials and textures are done well. It’s the “Mamma Bear principle”: not too much, not too little, just right.