Is a group buy legal?

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Good point. When was the last time the police came by to check for unauthorized DVD loans?

“Is that your DVD?”

“Ah… No, officer. It’s my friend’s.”

“Right, then. Come along.”

Imagine that. Being raped in prison for borrowing a DVD.

To pick a forgotten topic up again… ACTA.

If it or similar had happened then Sony, WB, WD and all the usual suspects would have people evaluate the triggerword monitored traffic, and as soon as you ask a friend via mail or IM to come over watch a DVD, they’d have a lawyer prepare the pre-printed generic lawsuit papers to be sent to you…

Wow. Good story. How’s the screenplay coming? :slight_smile:

Think about that:

You collect money from others. Then you buy the product with the help of their. Who owns it?

Finally it is a question of the licence (you got from distributor/author) and what you agreed within your group.

You do realize that this would exactly be how ACTA would have worked?
At least it would have made a legal basis to do exactly what I described. And if I can come up with it…

Don’t forget about legal backdoors.
I mean how is a simple family supposed to legally be allowed to watch a dvd of some kind of movie if you’re not allowed to share these things.

I know that as it stands right now ( in belgium that is ), you are allowed to show and broadcast copyrighted materials (like music and movies) in a non-commercial environment to a family sized group of people. I think that they mean about 12 individuals ( at any time) with that.

Training DVD’s and the materials you buy don’t fall under any entertainment law, these fall under standard product purchasing regulations. EEG you have the same rights and restrictions as applied to anything else. ( Ofcourse licenses still apply)

License whise however, I think that in 99% of all cases, you are the sole owner of the licenses attached to the material and therefore it is illegal for your friends to produce anything using these materials.

Hmm, what Monster said might be a good idea, all pay equal amounts for the DVD, maybe this will put you in a legal grey area or something, I dunno.

I doubt the lawyers overlooked this possibility. Any country with copyright laws will likely have a stand on multi-person (and non-corporate/company) ownership of training materials such as this. What the stand is would have to be found in the copyright law diatribe itself or the layman’s translation thereof. It might take a bit of looking if you aren’t familiar with legalese (and who is?). :slight_smile: