Is a higher end cpu useful when using GPU for render?

I’m thinking of getting a beefier computer soon and was wondering if a processor like the ryzen 3590 is providing much value over a 3900 (16 vs 12 core) or even a ryzen 7 if the rendering work is being done by the gpu.

Do physics simulations even take advantage of multiple cores?

edit: a quick look suggests the retail price is 50% more for the 3950 over the 3900. Would I see anything close to that in terms of performance

The only difference you could see is if you use the cpu for hybrid rendering along with the gpu. Other than that these two processors are quite similar in STP and thus in most common blender tasks.

Especially for single threaded tasks, you should probably consider the refresh version of the 3900X, the 3900XT, which is slightly more expensive, but gives a good boost in STP. Even better is the 3800XT, which almost reached the 10900K is STP according to benchmarks. These are quite affordable cpus and bring fantastic performance for the price.

Cycles can render on both CPU and GPU simultaneously, so sure, you’ll get some use out of it. Whether it’s worth the money is in the eye of the beholder.

Thanks for the replies, I found some benchmarks which showed optix beating hybrid performance. That seems like the future if they can figure out bevels. Otherwise the difference between the 2 chips was only a few seconds.

I’ll probably wait until the 4000 series come out as I’m waiting for the new RTX cards anyway, I was using the current hardware as an example as no doubt the new ones will have similar equivalents. Interesting that the 3800XT is better, one would usually assume the higher number to be better.

If you can wait, do so. I’d like to see Nvidia pricing for the new gpu line, and furthermore how the new AMD 4000 cpus will run on existing mobos and the differences/improvements of the new X670 chipset, which will be out later this year (Q4 I think).

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If you have any intention of using Luxcorerender (highly, highly recommended) then CPU is tremendously helpful. For Cycles - not so much.