Is a uv controlled procedural noise roughness map possible with nodes?

In maya I was able to make an impressive roughness for a character using procedural noise to control the roughness of the face. Basically black colored areas on the uvs had less procedural noise and white had a ton of noise. The black areas are shiny and the white areas are diffuse and the affect is very realistic combined with a displacement map for the face details.

Can this be done in blender?

Can uv image be hooked up to control the strength attribute of the bump vector shader (may switch to displacement for final renders). Id like for the lips to not have any noise to be shinier. Its more physically accurate. The arrow points to the node that would control what I want. Not sure what nodes I’d have to add.

That proposed link should work just fine, assuming you would put a painted map into that image node.

Yeah, and maybe hook your painted map up to a “math multiply” and a “math add” node for controlling its intensity.

Is there a specific order for the math mulitply and and math add?

No, just place them right after the image texture node.
Add offsets while multiply scales.

Later this weekend I will rough out a uv map to control. Its hard to find much time to work on it.

On second thought it actually does matter how you place them, even though depending on the use case both variants might be useful.

However, for this case you probably want to go:
image texture → multiply → add
That way the “multiply” allways determines the raw range of the the brightness and the “add” always determines the raw offset.