Is a wind Pressure effect possible?

Hi guys, any idea if I can create an animation of particles and for the direction of the particles can be effected by a moving mesh?
For example imagine some smoke and a hand moving through it , the smoke would travel around the hand not through it and would be blown slightly by the pressure of the hand moving the air.

I know I could do it manualy but maybe there is a way to tell the pariticles to move around objects.

I am not sure… maybe you could… move a spherical forcefield with the hand? I am sure you have probably attempted this so I do not know

At the moment, you’ll need to create some empties, parent them to the bones that control the fingers, and set spherical force fields on them to achieve this effect. I can’t remember off-hand whether setting the deflection option on the hand mesh would also help.


Thanks for the advice guys, I will try it out:)