is alpha possible with uv mapping?

Hey there,

I was wondering if it is possible to uv map a picture on a plane and use the alpha channel of the picture? if not, is there another way to put a picture into a scene and make it free of the planes bounderies?

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wow, quick answer… :smiley:

how? is it explained in your video tut? (cant remember)


:expressionless: i found it… :expressionless:

maybe i didnt find it…

I see the alpha channel in my 3d window, but as soon as i render i see the picture without alpha… what do i do wrong… i use tga pictures


  1. Load your image in the texture buttons, not the UV editor.
  2. Press “UseAlpha” button just above where you just loaded your image.
  3. In the “mapto” material buttons depress “col” and “alpha” . “map input” should be set to UV
  4. in the materials buttons set you alpha to zero and make sure Ztrans is pressed.
  5. press render

The black text “Test” UV mapped to a plane: