Is AMD quietly updating their Ryzen CPU's mid-cycle?

Guru 3D just came out with an interesting bit regarding a curious strategy being employed by AMD’s CPU team. The company has just released a brand new iteration of their Zen3 processors with lower power consumption, less heat, more overclocking headroom, and a better memory controller.
Ryzen 5000 B2 stepping has lower consumption and lower temperatures (

Essentially, your renders will not get faster, but your cooling and PSU options have expanded a bit since they won’t need to be as beefy. You can also use faster RAM in a reliable fashion so there might actually be some minor speed improvements by way of that.

Now of course the price is not going to improve, but this is apparently another reason why it pays to not get a new generation of hardware early on in the cycle (because this time it has nothing to do with UEFI polish). Now if Nvidia would just make a move and make the same improvements to their Ampere GPU’s, lower power consumption and heat is something those chips are in desperate need for. Perhaps Intel will also do the same for Alder Lake, so people who jump in late in a cycle will be guaranteed a cooler, more efficient, and overall have a more reliable box.

Anything, something of interest.

Less heat means you can get that heat back with more speed.
In my 5800H i notice that can get overpower now in winter since ambient temperatures are less. Max TDP is 54w and is often surpassed if i push it.