Is an HD7770 good enough for EEVEE?

I know 2.8 is far from finished and we don’t know how demanding EEVEE will be when it’s done. Anyway, the HD7770 has similar performance to a GDDR5 GT1030 or GTX750Ti when overclocked, but costs roughly $40 used from China.

I would be pairing it with a machine that has:

  • An i3-2100
  • 8GB of DDR3
  • Currently, a heavily overclocked GT610

I’m on a super tight budget, but I’ve almost saved up enough to buy a HD7770. Should I go ahead and make the purchase, or shoot for a card like the GTX1050 or GTX1050Ti?

If you are on a tight budget I really do recommend looking into the used HW market if you aren’t already. Without knowing your budget and assuming you are talking about online store prices…

In Estonia where I’m from a new HD 7770 goes for €132. I could get a used R9 280X DirectCU II for somewhere between €70 to €110. Or a Gigabyte 7970 GHz Edition 3GB Windforce 3X for €70.

Edit: doh, re-read the post. So you are looking at the used market. I would look into getting something like the above mentioned 7970 Ghz Edition, mostly because of the 3GB VRAM. I’d look at performance second, memory first.