is anybody here in a screamo/harcore/metal band?

i’m in a metalcore band (i play bass guitar) and when we write songs they always end up horrible, so were concentrating on covers, so if anybody else out there is in a band, how do you guys go about writing music and songs? also, any tips on doing hardcore vocals would be great lol, because I want to learn how to scream.

I’d suggest humming as warm-up before you even sing, let alone scream.
You should also learn some breathing techniques. Learn to inhale deeper and learn to sing from your diaphragm (or however that’s spelled).
Also, relating to the humming as a warm-up: always keep your vocal chords (and your throat) warm. That means a scarf in winter! And no thin one either…
I’m sure google can be your friend here as well :slight_smile:

Also: all professional singers use some kind of vocal lubricant (usually a spray) to keep the vocal chords moist. Especially people like Chester Bennington, who scream a lot! I’d suggest drinking A LOT of water before, during and after repititions and live shows.

I just remembered: alcohol seriously puts strain on your voice. Avoid it when singing.

songwriting ist to hard. The trick is writing words that flow. You hear a lot of amatuer songs, and they sound bad due to crappy lyrics, thrown together that sound angry. John Mayer has a nice song writing style, especially on his room for squares album. The words go together in a smooth way. now he isnt metal, but you can learn a lot by his technique
good luck man

charlesworth, i’ve been practicing/warming up/doing excercises for a few weeks now, i know about using the diaphragm and watnot, i can get a high pitched underoath/ cradle of filth scream pretty much perfectly, without hurting my vocal chords at all, but i want to learn to do lower screams like killswitch engage, and also thanks for the advice free_ality

You know what they say: if it hurts, stop it.
I’m not a professional phoniatric, but I can advise you visiting one. Think about the health of your voice before thinking of screaming like a pro, or you’ll wind up with serious pains in your throat when you reach your late 30s.

charlesworth999 is right about warming up, this is the absolute priority that I know of, I have practiced vocals like that and it makes the difference in sounding good and preventing damage.
There are a lot of myths out there about singing and also ‘hardcore’ vocals.

yep, in one form or another for the past few years.

downloads availabe here;

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Yes, songwriting is hard, RagingChaos66.

This is what my band does.

We get in a room. Plug in our instruments and… talk. That’s right. We first establish what we’re trying to accomplish through this meeting, then we set out to achieve it. When everyone is in harmony (pun intended) with each other’s thoughts and feelings, the best results come out naturally. So if we decide that we’re writing something new, we talk about what this song is going to communicate; love, hate, joy, despair, etc. With that in mind, we decide on the mood of the song; fast, slow, heavy, etc. THEN we start to play, but not without first expressing some sort of framework to go by. Then we jam, play, jam, shred, jam. We just groove, see what comes out. Sometimes nothing at all comes out. But much more has come out of these organized sessions than anything else we’ve tried. Bottom line, though, you have to be together. That’s not to say that you or your guitarist can’t write a riff on your own or anything, but before you declare a riff a part of a song, make sure everyone in the band likes it, and where it’s at, and where it’s going. Then, and only then, will you hear what your band sounds like, and not just one of it’s members.

obviously you’ve never listened to HC music.


Guys come on. This thread was about helping a dude in his writing process, not bashing other genres.

Ya I have. Some bands on the border of HC and metal are ok like Lamb of God, but most are just terrible.

well, i kinda do agree with you valarking, alot of the screamo bands out there kinda are teenagers with messed up attitudes. but my band isnt like that lol. all we’ve done is cover lamb of god, as I lay dying, and black dahlia murder, and soon probably skinless and crytopsy (yay for death metal! :slight_smile: ) songs. I guess I should have been more specific, by song writing I guess I meant more like writing guitar riffs, lyrics arent really a big problem for us, but vocals are.

The best way to learn to do it like a pro, is to imitate the pros until you can do it yourself, as they say :wink:

That’s pretty cool. Go death metal! Hehehe

Hello I was just reading this and I suck at writing song’s I am in a
Death Metal Band !!!
We leave the writing stuff to our lead singer he seems to be somewhat good.
I play lead guitar =)
The song that we are practicing right now is :

bonds in which we break
By : the autumn offering

So far the ones that we know how to play are :

Master Of Puppets
By : Trivium


Seek and Destroy
By : Metallica

And some Slipknot And Part of

By : Arch Enemy

But to answer your question I don’t really know how to answer it since I never wrote a song I sort of did but its pooo … :frowning:

lol nice Death, by the way, I dont like how Trivium is not scream-ish anymore, well my bands practicing tomorow so i’ll see how it goes, when we just jam out it sounds horrible at first but eventually we all settle into a rythmn so I guess i’l suggest that to em.

Thanks but remember just keep practicing :wink: you’ll get better same for your band and I should know.

My band still sucks some songs we can’t really start all at once and get the beat but that’s why we practice a good example would be like this remember the first time you ever used blender or done somthing it was hard and you could not seem to do somthing just right in time you did it correctly maby some day if I am lucky with my band same as you or anyone out there I hope we go head to head in compeating that is :slight_smile:

And remember what my Signature Says :wink: :
" If you quit now no piont in going back. "

Trivium is still kinda cool though I would say the one song of them that I like the most would be :

Dying in your arms