Is anybody's interested of language exchanging.

Hello everybody, I’m French and I have many difficulties to speak english, because French peoples are execrable on teaching other languages, because they also cannot teach their own language. But I want to learn English correctly. And the only way for that is to speak it.

I watch many American movies and have few difficulties to understand it. But I cannot speak English without a dictionary and a table of irregular verbs. So I propose to have conversation on the forum or by skype (it will be very interesting) with anyone interested to help me speaking English, and in return, if anyone want to learn basics of French I’m available.


Thanks I didn’t know it

Hi Niva, i would love to do language exchange,

My name is Marcel

do you have any email or skype?

My email is [email protected], i do would love to learn french :slight_smile:

i speak fluent and standard english, a bit of british accent somehow haha so let me know and nice to meet you:D

Moi ca fait des annees que je n’ai plus eu l’occasion d’avoir une conversation en francais… and the worst part is that my french used to be a lot better than my english.