is anyone even remotely near me

well im just wondering if anyone here is from Moab Utah or has ever been to Moab Utah or has even heard of it not Utah, Utah sucks, but Moab

Never heard of Moab, bet you’ve never heard of Monte Vista, Cape Topwn either.

sorry lol, NYC here

I went hiking in the Arches Natl Park while on a cross-country road trip years ago. There was a little tourist town nearby that I think was called Moab. Is that you?

Never heard of the place :frowning: Anyone here ever heard of Dublin,Ireland

When I read your subject line, I knew it had to be somebody from Utah. I’m from Salt Lake (I think that counts as “remotely” near you).

I’ve always wanted to go to Utah actually. I want to see Arches National Park.

…Sarcasm? I thought it was a major city…:eek:
But I could be wrong.

Moab huh? I drove through there once. small town. but im from Shelley Idaho if it makes you feel any better. so I know all about small towns.

My Town has 300 people.

And no I’m not near you, I’m about 17.5 hours away

Your right, Just a little joke to liven everyone up! :smiley:

I’ve only been fortunate enough to drive through Utah once. I believe I was on I 80 following the Snake River through the mountains. For any of you who have never been there the following words, “Gods Country”, are a gross understatement. Every bend you come around, which is aproximately every 1/2 mile or so, will make you kick yourself in the butt for not owning an 80mm camera. Every time you come around these bends you’re staring at another uniquely beautiful Norman Rockwell masterpiece. When the sun started setting every cloud in the sky began glowing a beautiful emerald green, save for ten or so bright blue stragglers. It was the most unbelievably beautiful, ethereal experience of my entire life. Even the Northern Lights pale in comparison!

I live in Orlando, FL.

Anyone ever heard of Poland? No? I thought as much :stuck_out_tongue:

I visited Utah twice, Ogden, Park City, Salt Lake, St George, and Red Rock something or other. Like RamboBaby said, it is really pretty over there.

Did you know that if you spell Utah backwards, you get…


I’ve always wanted to go to Moab…there’s an annual Mountain Unicycling meet there (I unicycle) around where the Slickrock MTB trails are. Never been, though.

14,000 kms away as the crow flies…nup, not even remotely close.

15 373.72 km from Moab to my house, according to Google Earth. If a crow could fly that far.


we picked up the raft for a two-day trip down the Colorado in Moab. Cute town. not much happening, except for bike-o-crossing. and rafting. and horses. Live in Atlanta, sorry.