Is anyone interested in coop with czech band?

Hi BlenderArtist!

We are czech, Prague based and starting band Peter Pan Complex and we are looking for talented blender artist who has the time and would be interested in cooperation on our project.

So first of all - who we are:
Here is soundcloud link for our song Wolfskin. It is 2y old as we can’t give songs from our new album, which we recorded with producer Micahel Rendall ( Pink Floyd, Killing Joke, etc ) out there yet.

Here is our teaser for new album, where we have half the song acoustic and half studio recording.

And here is our facebook for more info and so you can check we are legit.

So we are about to release a single with b-side and right after that our first LP. Now we need to put together our album cover artwork and lyric videos. I have alredy something in mind but i need for it two 3D models and we know no-one who is capable of it… And thats when you step in!

The idea is simple. On our facebook page there is a moth in our profile picture. I need this moth re-done in 3D as babel of realistic looking neon tubes. I would need a still render and the 3D file for futher postproduction ( that is just for the videos, and i hope this is not a tabu to ask). The render of the still should be one with colourful light and one with just white loght. Both will be futher postproduced.
You guys think it is possible? Also I have no idea how much time consuming it is? But the artwork is in a rush, the two lyric videos not so much.

Now… we can’t pay in cash, as after the recording and in preproduction of music video we are quite broke. And our label (warner music prague) will not give us anything since they payed 2/3 of the album recording. But what can we offer is itune redeem codes for both single and our album when it comes out and signed hard copy of our album and our black t-shirt with that white moth on it. You would have credits whereever we use it ( album cover and two lyric videos ).

Please let me know if any questions! Don’t hesitate to ask!
I am quite excited so please let me know if is it possible?
And if the barter is at least a little ok?


Peter Pan Complex

what about this :