Is Array modifier the new Bouncing Ball?

Wow!!! So many Array mod tests (check youtube), is it the new poxy bouncing ball of the 80’s. Haven’t seen any checked materials yet though. Hmmm heres an idea, how many “Blender -new toy- features” could we fit into one test animation?

Maybe: A grass covered arrayed fluid character singing as they walk with DOF and motion blur with a hint of glow.

Have I missed anything?

A lot of people seem to want to use the array modifier, but i’ve yet to see an animated use besides cubic abstractions. If you count stills you’ll see a lot of grass images too.

Hi my name is David, and I’m an Array abuser… I’ve been addicted to arrays for a few weeks now. I can’t actually animate very well or model anything good, but I can impress the hell out of friends with a simple Array! :>

You can impress anybody who doesn’t know CGI, I can impress my family by just moving the default cube around.

There’s a lot of practical potential for the array modifier, if i’m not mistaken, it was developed intended for Cambo’s work in realtime 3D, assembling sets and scenery out of modular chunks. It’s also useful as a ‘radial mirror modifier’ (see the cog here: )

Not sure if arrays are the new “bouncing ball” but I have come to the conclusion that 3D/CG is the new “airbrush”. Tell someone you now how to use it and watch their eyes glaze over in awe!

You guys don’t come out much, do you?

what amazes me the most about the array is the possebility to melt individual objects together. that is in my opinion the greatest idea for such a tool because it becames more a modeling tool and just not only a flocking tool.

also textures flow correctly over it. great work!

I have come to the conclusion that 3D/CG is the new “airbrush”.

This is too true.

For animation the array modifier might be limited, but as a modeling tool it has it’s obvious potential.

Array is unlimited possibilities of shapes, motions, etc, etc from any Blender 3d creation imaginable. I think that Array is nothing like a bouncing ball. I would think that if we could add Bullet physics or Python to our Array work the concepts could only get more interesting.

I know I’d rather animate a telescope using an array modifier instead of manually keyframing each telescope segment :smiley:

I never thought of that one. There you go. Cool idea.:smiley:

I know I’d rather animate a telescope using an array modifier instead of manually keyframing each telescope segment

Well, okay, I’ll bite. How would you go about doing that, given that you’d want the eyepiece and the, whatever they call it, the big end, to be different from each other? So although the middle pieces might be essentially the same, not all the pieces would be identical. Can you do something like that with an array modifier? Put different items at each end? You might be able to rig something like that up with Python… but I don’t think it would be easier than keying the telescope segments.

Also, is there a way to key values along the length of the array? That is, can I make the array fade into tranparency as it goes? Hmmm… There doesn’t seem to be. This would be cool, though.


for that I would rather use expressions coded with Python.
all you need is getting the position of the start and end object
and put all in between objects into a relationship with them
like an align which reacts to any movement of the last lens element.

I believe you can use empties to change the size of the array iterations recursivly to get the effect of different sizes of tubes. don’t know about the things added on the ends though.

I did thiis picture with 2 arrays and 2 very small planes!
(Or 2 arrays + 8 faces !)

Arrays have their uses!

Ammusionist that really is very nice, seems like a new challenge to me. How to get the most from Array with the least possible input! I think you may be the winner.

Is that coloured only with lights, or did you make the mesh real and add materials?

Hi David,

I made the petals by UV Mapping a simple plane, then applying a blended procedural texture (as opposed to an image) to the UV layout to get the nice coloured tips effect.

A second simple mesh made the leaves and then added 2 arrays to each of them and used empties to pull out the shape of the final model.

I’ll see if I can dig up the blend file for you.

(Edit) Here you go: flower.blend

Am I the only one who things that when people start posting comments like this about array modifier… it is the ultimate proof that array modifier has reached the bouncing ball status. :rolleyes: