Is "attachments" feature in Blenderartists broken?

Hi Folks!

Is only me or it’s not possible to download attachments from this website at the moment?

Do you know when the layout will be fixed?



I have had no problem, only sometimes get redirected so I can let them know …I am not a robot.

Hi Justin!

I can’t see the attachments on this post for example:

I’m on Firefox 55.0.2 (64-bit) and linux Ubuntu 14.04

Hmm strange it should work, for me it works on/in/with chrome.

Works here as well (Firefox on Arch). Are you not seeing them at all, or are they not downloading when you click on them?

Also, do you have any add-ons or extensions installed for your browser?

It’s an Ignore List feature I think.

Edit: Not the issue here. That feature removes the entire attachment text and link.


I had a problem at weekend uploading a .blend file. Image files are just fine. This was a straight from the box .blend. No fancy compression or embedded textures.


EDIT: It wasn’t filesize, either. It was literally a cube and a plane, using built in materials.

Hi guys!

Thank you for the help.

The only extension I’m using is
Turning “Disconect” extension off has no effects.

Here is a screenshot of my desktop,

As you can see there is no clickable links :wink:

of how I’m seeing this post:

You have some kind of add-on or extension enabled. Nearly all of the styling from the site has been stripped. What’s the icon in the upper right corner with the green 31 in it?

Hi @Fweeb! Thank you for your reply!

As I mentioned above, this extension is the “Disconnect” one.
I never had problems with this extension inside web forums.
I turned it off but it doesn’t solve the problem. I still can’t see any links to the downloads :wink:

If I understand right all the style is removed from Blenderartists because administrators are updating it to “Discourse”. Is it right?

Thank you for your time and patience.

No. Something on your machine prevents the styling information from being displayed correctly.

If that “Disconnect” addon is the only thing not “vanilla” in your web browser, I’d suggest you investigate this further. Could you disable that addon, clear your browser cache and reload this website?

The site has forgotten the chosen layout a couple of times. There has been an option to switch to desktop layout at the bottom of the page each time.

Now that it works normally, there’s a dropdow menu at the bottom of the page to choose the page style. It contains standard: dark/light styles, and a mobile style. I’m guessing it switches to mobile style on its own.

Why it would do that, don’t know. It might not get stored cookie because of the addon, or maybe because it has gone old and something prevented it to renew it.

Opened the thread and switched to mobile style

At the bottom of the page there’s a link to change it back

Hi JA12! That solved the problem, thank you very much!

Thanks a lot everyone! Sorry for this silly post! :o