Is axis of Empty relevant for Env Mapping ?

When doing env mapping is the orientation of the axis of the Empty with respect to the object relevant ? I tried first time and didn’t get any reflections on the plane. That time the object had z-axis pointing up while the empty had y-axis up.

I had another go making sure that this time thay both had y-axis pointing up and i got the expected results. I was just wondering if that may be the cause.

Also, I’m following the tut on env map in the manual, and i have to add a sphere to encompase the whole scene then map a sky image onto it then do env map settings bit and render. I’ve done all that but when i render instead of the sky being reflected, i get this blue reflection. what could it be?


did you press the refl button for your material’s texture channel mapping coordinates of your env map?

[the default is orco, and doesn’t work for envmap reflection]

the axis of the empty shouldn’t matter