Is BGE or UPBGE 64 bit?

I know BLENDER of course is 64 bit, but, is BGE? Is UPBGE?

BGE can be 32 bit if you get that version or 64 bit if you get that version. Same for UPBGE. What are you getting at?

Lol how many threads are you goina start lol yr so funny.

To answer your question i would say that Blender comes standard nowerdays as a 64bit version. back then we used to have on; we used to have under the downloads section, 32 bit download and the 64 bit download versions of blender i think that the 32 bit could still support even the “LATE” windows XP. But im not so sure anymore what happened to the 32 bit version of Blender 2.78. The same goes for UPBGE it looks like all UPBGE builds are just 64 bit because of GLSL feature has been pushed quite far in terms of details when working on a Game project.


Just making sure. It’s important.

Pc experts can know lots of technical details I don’t know~

Why is it so important? All you’re getting from 64 bit version is a few more decimal points on floating point numbers.

Lol and a Dash of processing power !!!


Cus I was reading some article that said (probably an older version) of Unity was 32 bit and these people had moved to unreal. Then I wondered if BGE was this bad. Thankfully not. Yes 64 bit probably doesn’t do tons more.

Lol as we mentioned in earlier threads we need improvements and so UPBGE is our improvement for now !!!