Is Blender 3d a hobby or a job for you?

how many of you Blender artists use blender as a hobby or as a profession? To blender professionals: what is your position specifically? how did you get the job? Do you use Blender at your job or a program similar to it? I am a college student who has been using blender as a hobby for the past 3-4 years. My hobby has grown into what I consider is a valuable skill and would like to hear more about using blender from a professional standpoint.

Blender is a tool not a job. I use Blender in my professional work. I primarily develop e commerce websites, but I do some graphics and logo design. Blender has come in handy quite often in that department. I’ve also done many logo animations for educational videos. Recently I used Blender for some character animation sequences, just the typical corporate mascot stuff you see all over these days. And I have had some arch viz work, but not often enough to consider it a true income stream.

Just knowing Blender isn’t enough, you have to find a niche for yourself either locally or in the online community. It will be hard to find “Blender” work, but quite easy to find design, animation, visual effects work.

3D is part what I do professionally, but not in Blender as of yet. I hope to switch from Maya to Blender later this year though. And nowadays most of what I do is arch wiz (90+%) and then some 2D pixel and/or vector illustrations, motion graphics, compositing and VFX.

Blender today are way more advanced than Softimage were when it was used for the VFX in movies like Starship Troopers. So technically you could do anything in Blender. :slight_smile:

I use Blender as a freelance artist. My clients don’t care what software I use; they just want the finished product.

However, larger firms and studios still tend to favor proprietary apps in their pipeline, so if you want a steady paycheck, it doesn’t hurt to learn Maya, Max, Houdini, etc.

I use Blender for both, hobby and work.
Currently Freelancing but I was also employed, always used Blender as maintool, but never as only tool.

I am an advocate of “whatever gets the job done most easily and most economic” but not in the unethical, reckless greed of gain manor if you catch my drift, rather only concerining hardware or software.

Just like Rocketman says, Clients don’t care what you do as long as the result is sound and the deadline is hit. The only thing you always have to keep in mind is that there’s always the possibility that you have to cooperate within a set pipeline where it is troublesome from time to time to use Blender.

In short: Both.

to those involved with arch viz: how did you get involved? what kind of (if any) college major program of study did you choose?

That about clients not caring, that is all about how you work. I get Ae, NUke & Maya scenes sent to me to work on, so of course the the client cares, hehe - it’s about what kinda clients you have… The people I do final work for, like arch wiz, they only want the images and thus doesn’t care which app I use… :slight_smile:

If you want to assure yourself of being involved in this field, get your Bachelor of Architecture or equivalent. That would open a lot of doors. Otherwise to get this work as a freelancer, you need to develop a portfolio and submit it to local architectural firms. Determine average times it takes you to complete a particular visualization, and state the time taken in your portfolio. When submitting include your hourly rate. In my experience, unless there is a prior relationship involved, the best work at the cheapest price wins. Quick turn-arounds, meeting deadlines, and high quality work allows you to raise your prices once you are established.

When I wiz, it always arches. :wink: