Is Blender a right choose!

Hi my name is Eduardo I live in Brazil and if is possible for you I need some help.
I’ve study Maya for six months and understand some base about modeling rigging and animation.
Now I’ll like to use Blender for professional work like cartoon on TV or some thing like this.
But is Blender today a right choose for professional work? Or it need a lot of knowledge for to use it like a professional tool?
Material for study is very hard to find (on logic way),if possible I need a professional answer not a dream answer…
Because I like some Maya feature I start to study Python for help my need.
Thank you for read.
Sorry my English is basic.

hi, welcome to blender world. when i started to learn blender i too had the same question. I installed blender in aug 2006. today i am able to model and animate objects with ease. initially it will be little difficult as u have to know the interface, later it will be fine. The right software is decided by the need of the projects. I have never used maya or max. but i am comfartable with blender. you have GBs and GBs of information on the internet about them. do some r&d. you will be able to unerstand. in my opinion i think blender is the right choice because of its features. try a small animation for 15 sec and see the output. you will understand. All the best. bye

any quries post in this forum…

Thankyou very much for your answer!

It’s free so nothing is keeping you from downloading it and trying it out.

We used Maya at uni for about 6 months of my course. I had just started to get the hang of the basics but i never really felt that comfortable with it. I was able to kind of model a car and a few other animations for the course work, but i just never “clicked” with it. (that was about a year ago)

Sometime a couple of years ago i installed Blender because it sounded cool and was free, but when i opened it the first time, i had 68 heart attacks just looking at the crazy interface.

And i never used it again.

Until this year, when i installed it. When i opened it this time… i had another 68 heart attacks. But i did a few basic tutorials and once i got use to it - i started to love the interface.

And now, after only about 3 months or so, i’ve modelled the same car much easier and just finished my first character animation last night :smiley:

I think you would be able to use it for professional application, but you’ll have to download it and see if you like it.

Blender is definitely the right choose. I like your accent. If you can learn english, blender is a cinch. I’m still catching up on the subtleties and I majored in it…

blender has a steeper learning curve than maya but you’ll find a lot of people around here who like the interface more. (well, duh). workflow can be much faster.

Yes it is.

It depends on what you need to do, if you have strong need for flame and smoke effects; or need to make use of motion capture data; then I’d recommend against Blender; most other things Blender can do reasonably well, though sometimes it will take more time and effort.


I have been using Blender off and on since it came out for Windows in 99, and I have seen it grow to be a very mighty tool. I like it because well it is free, and there is a lot of work being done to it all the time. I also use Maya. It really depends on what you want to do with it, but in terms of cost for power - Blender is the best of the open source 3D tools.

well i was kinda asking the same question a couple of months back…
i still fall in the noob category…but i can tell u this…once u get used to the interface…and fool around a little bit with the software(awsome amounts of help on the internet)…u will wonder why many of those cutting edge tools in the industry dint have some features which blender does…
all u need is little patience and the truth will be revealed to you(drum roll)…

And you can always come to this forum if you need help. I was amazed at the patience I received when I first joined, because a lor of forums like to yelll and make fun of the new guy-- not here.

We only make fun of you when you get good. :smiley:

Harryabreu, I hope this helps. First of all, blender is very good at alot of things, however, are you planning on being the only person in your studio to use it or is the whole studio going to using it? Are you an independant artist working for yourself?

I think blender is more than capable of accomplishing are great deal of professional grade work as you can see from Elephants dream or Plumferos
but there are limitations as LetterRip pointed out and if you are working in a team environment, how does the rest of your team feel about it, there can be complications using different software together?

I think if you have Maya, I don’t see why you wouldn’t use it. If you don’t own it, and can’t afford it, then definately Blender is the way to go. It is really what is most important for getting the job done and done on time.

In any case download blender and give it a try. There is nothing lost, only gain. LetterRip linked to a very good comparison page of the different software out there, and you will be surprised , as blender is more than effecient for your needs… I believe here is the link

Tank you for all!!!
Now I believe in Blender because the community show so friendly and with this answer my desire for to learning Blender grow and I now I’m on the right way.
When is possible I’ll return in this place for share my progress.

Harryabreu, Good luck! welcome to blender. Looking forward to your projects to be shared with the public and good luck with your career! :D:D:D:D