is blender american or europian?

is blender american or europian? just wondering, cuz it seems like there are more americans using it, but the blender confrences are held in the netherlaands

I dont usually say this but these are some dumb questions you are asking. Why and what does it matter? Just wikipedia Blender and find out the details for yourself. The user base and those developing bits and pieces are international.

I think blender is for earthlings, unless a alien gets a copy, than its for everyone…

I agree. Good one.

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If you have a question, the support forums are the first place to look/post. To answer your question, Blender started as an in-house tool for a Dutch production company before it was eventually open sourced. So, it started Dutch, now it’s everyone’s.

it does matter interms of many stuff, when you’re in a certain contyr, you are under certain duristictions and certain laws, and there are stuff that you can make and then people sue you for it
i once had to pay 3000 pounds for something that i made, and then someone sued me for it, ACCORDING TO SYRIA LAWS

What do you mean by American? America is a big continent with many countries and full of Americans of different nationalities. Then that why there are lot of Americans using Blender.
Regarding licenses, you can read here:

cuz it seems like there are more americans using it
Really? Everywhere I look are Aussies. /snark

Seriously, if you want to get together with other Blender users, check out the Blender Meetups tab above. Also, Blender attends Siggraph pretty regularly, and if you hang around here enough, you’ll find out when and where. Plus the Blender Cookie folks have been known to sponsor training meetups and conferences, iirc.

Now you’re talking about “stuff you make.” Are you talking about models and animations? Because you can certainly get sued for making models of characters or objects that someone else owns the copyright to, regardless of the software you use or what country it comes from.

okay, thankyou for the post of lisence thingy, i’ve never acctually checked the blender website, and seem like i should.