Is Blender Better?

I am new to the Blender scene (3 days since download [June 21, 2005]) I’m however not new to creating 2D and 3D games through Clickteam software, so to my question: is Blenders 3D engine better then Clickteam’s Jamegic 3D engine.

I’ve never heard of it… and you didn’t give a link. However… using the power of Google I found some kind of review on it, but I have never tried it.

Course… I’d say Blender is better cause it’s free…


Sorry bout that here it is:

Clickteam (Jamegic)

The Reason why I’m asking this is because I wan’t to make another game and this one is going to be a pretty big project, so I’m trying to decide wich platform to choose.

I used to use Clickteam’s tools (Multimedia Fusion and its ilk). While simple applications and games were easy to create, trying to make complex games was a chore because of the limitations of their programs. It’s even worse since (1) it’s not cross platform (so my friends and anyone else on the 'net who don’t have Windows are out of luck) and (2) its closed-source nature meant that updates weren’t always guaranteed.

Jamagic requires programming. Blender doesn’t, thanks to its use of logic bricks. If you’re looking to avoid programming, try Blender. And, if you want to start real programming, you can use Python or C to script in what you want.

Jamagic doesn’t seem to have a big following at all, either (or am I mistaken?). The Games Factory (now almost a decade old) and Multimedia Fusion are still wildly popular — if you visit the Daily Click, most of the games I see posted are 2D.

Plus, if you need support, the Blender Gamekit book is already a published book available at and other places. I don’t think Jamagic has any such publications.

Thanks, I have been using Jamegic for awhile and I have gotten very used to it, but as they say “out with the old, in with the new” and as I say “out with the $300+ apps, in with free ones.”

I also just bought the game bundle from e-shop wich included the the game engine reference manual, the Blender guide and the Texture CDROM and I will get the gamekit book right after I’m done typing this.

There I got it can’t wait to start checkin it out.