is Blender capable of making good looking games?


Yes, but only if you somehow manage to do as much work as the professional game companies who made these multimillion dollar games.

I guess you’re right…

I would say so

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The reason those games look so good is there are loads of people working full days on just the environment, each with several years of experience under their belt.

No BGE games have come close to that, because nobody has ever used the BGE in a large, commercial project, had money to support development, or had enough people with the expertise and cooperation to make a game of that quality.

Wikipedia says that Crytek, the company that developed Crysis, currently has 296 people on the company.

I definitely think it’s within the BGE’s capabilities. The only reason it’s never been done before is because nobody’s got the resources to make a game that good.

wow thanks! the game looks amazing! :smiley: this gives me much energy and excitement that I needed to keep working on my Game Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

Maybe you should try to make a game that has more in terms of art style than realistic graphics. People might remember your game more if it had unique colours and effects than say, if was another amazingly realistic shooter or something.

I’m glad you’ll continue working on your game :slight_smile:

If you liked that, have you seen the Bathroom Demo? It’s got some amazing physics and graphics with it. It comes with a .blend file so you can see how everything is done.

yes I’ve seen the bathroom demo in fact seeing the demo is one of the reasons why I started learning Blender GE! :slight_smile:
to : 1/1 Credit(s) good point :slight_smile:

Benua I had created a scene sometime ago, and looks pretty good, at least for me, isnt is crysis but have some quality, i manage the filters to make the game more realistic and it runs on my computer at 30 FPS withquality on ultra take a look.
By leonnn1 at 2010-05-31

or this project this is just a simple scene.
By leonnn1 at 2010-07-08

are you telling me that this scene is in game? it looks amazing :smiley: do you have anymore screenshots?
thanks :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the magical world of Blender Game Engine
Sorry, but you’ll never make a game like those you’ve mentioned, most probably!

Sorry OTO if you know everything.
The new blender s version is been updated, it ll be mutch more “light” and with new implementations, you probably cant work with 1 000 000 on the bge like you do on crysis, but you can compete with HQ games if you have a team and time.
Just dont listen to him and maybe you bring us some good quality games benua, and about the screen shots here are few more.
By leonnn1 at 2010-07-13
By leonnn1 at 2010-07-13
By leonnn1 at 2010-07-13
By leonnn1 at 2010-07-13
By leonnn1 at 2010-06-25
By leonnn1 at 2010-05-31
By leonnn1 at 2010-05-31
By leonnn1 at 2010-05-31

if you want to download the chess demo you can download on this link ( remember to change the settings on options otherwise the game maybe get to heavy) :

there is a lot more things that I had created on blender, but this is an example I made it all alone, imagine if I had a team, it ll be mutch more realistic

thank you for the link :slight_smile: I’m downloading it right now :smiley:
I’m entering Mokazon game contest (not sure if I would have any chance of winning though…I’m entering it for the Experience and maybe…just maybe third place I dare not dream of getting first or second place ) if you got the time stop by at my contest wikipage I think that even though the game I’m entering won’t have the best graphics or physics I’ll make it to have the most unique gameplay…well maybe not most unique but still…

oh! and that is some awesome looking games leonnn!
(it’s no Crysis but it does looks good)

But you don’t have a team of highly skilled professionals - and that’s the the overall point that OTO was trying to make.

As an individual, you can either make graphics demos that max out at 30 fps, or you can innovate on game-play.

With a basic team, you can probably have a mix of both, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever end up with teams such as the Crysis team, or Id team, or Valve team - again, it’s the difference between highly skilled professionals, and small-time amateurs like you.

I know OTO wasn’t trying to put me down or anything he was just being realistic.

that’s true! but if you get the right people together and if you are willing to spend 24/7 of your time for the project, you can get pretty good results! :smiley:

this was two years ago, but still a good sample of what you can achieve:
we were 3 people (+1 external for sound), 3-4 months, self written game engine (C++, OpenGL)

so my advice: keep going! :slight_smile: for sure, there are limitations! but you always can try to come very close, or even push them a little further. it’s only a matter of motivation! :cool:

thanks for the advice! :slight_smile: will do!

P.S I’ll be sure to check out HoverSlide! :smiley:

As an individual, you can either make graphics demos that max out at 30 fps, or you can innovate on game-play.
I aim to defy that with all that I can. I’ll push it to the limit. One thing that I’ve learned from Blender is that anything is possible. You just have to know the tricks. In my honest opinion of course.


In that very fortunate scenario, yes, you can get “pretty good results” - like HoverSlide (nice game, btw).

However, it’s very, very unlikely that you’ll end up with something that can generally compete with Crysis, or any other triple A, multi-million dollar title.

When you learn all the tricks, you’ll learn the limits. :smiley:

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck.