Is Blender for me?

Hi All,

I have only started out in modelling a very short time ago. I have only just completed my first 3d model - a chess pawn piece. I have always found modelling to be too difficult, but came across Blender and some of the excellent video tutorials. I was wondering, is Blender easier to use than other packages? I’ve dabbled in modelling packages before but always gave up on them. But I never tried to learn from videos, which seems much easier.

So basically if there are any modelling packes with video tutorials that would be as good as blender and easier, please let me know.


Blender is the only 3d package that I have used. It seemed very complex and difficult at first but after making tutorials, tutorials, own jobs and experiments, I can rely on it.
If I need to make something like christmas card, cool logo, simple animation, I can do it with Blender. And if I bump into a problem, I can seek the solution from here and if I cannot find it, I can always ask.
The main thing I try to explain here is that whatever software you use, be ready to invest time in it. It doesn’t matter if you buy the greatest and heftiest 3d package in the world if you are not ready to learn it.

A lot of people ask themselves that question.
The only answer I can think of is “sure, why not?”
It’s difficult, but so is any 3D program.
3D Max and Maya may have more professionals working with them and maybe there are more detailed tutorials.
But these are usually commercial and you’re gonna end up paying for a tutorial.
Also, it looks like many of these users seem to keep what they know to themselves whereas a lot of Blender users have a sort of “Hey, look what I’ve found” mentality.
Even though it can sometimes be pointless :]

There is a downpart though, the wiki is not yet completely up to date.
there is no extensive info on some of the new features,
so be prepared to work your way through this forum everytime you’re trying to do something new.