is blender heavier than SC3

i have DLDed a game (before a month) , it’s physics engine was bullet
now the Question is

why it is slower than splinter cell 3 which needs a lot of pc specs

Well your info is abit vague, but probably becuase the game you download is not very performance improved.

Also the Splinter cell game is comercial and uses a comercial engine which are usually performance perfect to get the best visual from the least hardware.

Just about every engine will be faster than Blender. If you check, they have very specific model import requirements and they are optimized for those models and collision detection systems. Blender takes a looser approach where it’s easier to program a game, but of course the pay back is that it takes more time to do those things. If Splinter Cell, whatever, has a mod type thing going, than you’d always be better off going that route, if you want to make a splinter cell clone. Most people making first person shooter or role playing games on Blender could easily find a faster and easier solution to do the same thing. Well, maybe not easier, but definately a lot faster.

OGRE will make the engine a lot faster. That is if you don’t use the fancy shadows.

A game engine is design and programed for a specifig kind of game, the bullet dynamic engine is able to make a lot of kind of game so it’s not possible to make a perfet engine for every kind of games !