Is Blender like 3D Max?

My God! I’m Lost. Just want to Render a car:(

I can upload 3D pics, change backgrounds, car schemes, mirror floors, & have several cars in picture. I don’t have the 3D max, but found this. Can someone maybe give me a start on where I can find this info?

Agghh. I have looked for a few days here and there, looked at all kinds of videos, news, topics,and get frustrated & quit. It’s like a nightmare.

Thanks. And really sorry I had to put a new topic. I really didn’t want to. Here’s a sample of what I’m wanting to know if Blender does.

lemme put it likethis.

Blender is all powerful.
Blender can do anything.

Thanks. At least I know I might be able to do it. Just can’t pin point the info for it! :frowning:

Click the “Search” link at the top of the page and type “car tut” as the search keywords. Click the search for all terms radiobutton and submit. You’ll find some good stuff.

Also, search for the car materials library.

Good luck.

Wow! Cool! Thanks for the help Duoas! I have been trying to figure this out for days! I’ll check it out! Thanks again. :smiley:

Ok. Well, I’m still lost! After searching all night, part of the morning, looking at who knows how many topics, & several videos, now with a splitting headace, I cant find 1 single thing on “How to Display a Race Car”. I have noticed several threads, & movies that show you how to start from a box & do it by creating the car from scratch. There has to be an easier way!

Ok. Here’s what I’ looking for.
3D Max Display Car

  1. Open JPEG or targa file of pic.
  2. Switch view with ? button.
  3. Click Backround, & find pic you want from file.
  4. Click the floor, and open pic you want. Like mirror floor.

Walla! Done!

Is there anything like that here? Do I have to spend days, weeks, months, to become a graphics artist in order to just do that? God, this is a nightmare. Does anyone have any more detailed info that I am looking for? Thanks again. :expressionless:

Do I have to spend days, weeks, months, to become a graphics artist

No, it won’t take days, weeks or months… but years to become a real graphics artist. But don’t let that scare you off! Like everything it takes a while to become good. Don’t expect to do difficult things like modelling a car when you just start using Blender or any 3D modelling program.

To display a background image:

Background image and Car tutorials:
In the first Blenderman Magazine (zipped pdf: you’ll find several car tutorials, including how to setup background images.

Good Luck!

Also look at this thing on mirrors - since you mentioned that in your post (and I really have no idea what you’re talking about, so I’m guessing)

Basically… Blender isn’t that sort of program. You can maybe find some 3D models of race cars on the web and import them, but you’d still have to texture them yourself (unless you can find the textures, too).

Of course, I could be misunderstanding your intent.

Years?! Oh man. I’m in for it now. :smiley: Gee, thanks SoftWork, phlip, & Fweeb! That narrows pretty much everything I am looking for & wanted to know. I got this program a couple months ago, & been coming here often trying to find stuff & info like this, then just get frustrated & quit.

Thanks for the links, & info again. This should be enough info that I need to get started. I hope. :slight_smile: :smiley: I’ll try to put a follow up in here if I can get some cars cooking on my pc. :smiley:

I have a high quality car (on a disk somewhere in my pile of crap on my desk). I downloaded it from a website that featured a dozen cars to download for free, as long as you didn’t steal the credit from the original author.

Nice blend files to learn from. Good use on low poly, yet high detail.
Does anyone know off hand what that website was?

I can host this blend file for a short while, if you want.

<EDIT> Here’s the file!

Here’s some more (in another language)

Ok. I’m learning. Geez, it took me a whole day & 1/2 just figuring out how to select stuff, & pan through the maps. Think I need a lot of training. I have several videos. I was wondering. Does anyone know if someone has ever made a tutorial video of tracing background pics? I had found some tutorials with pics & instructions on making a girls head & stuff. But be nicer to actually see it done with a tutorial video.

I was also looking at the Viper someone had created. Because I started tracing a background jpeg image of a car. And, my gosh, they must have a billion verticies on that thing. Starting to think that making a car might take me longer then just a few days or weeks. But, it does look really awesome though. Thanks again for the help everyone.:slight_smile:

Allrighty then! :smiley:

Just want to thank IamInnocent for the great link for the bookmarks to all the tutorials! Thanks! Your a great help to all unskilled Blenderheads! :smiley:

I found this link in the bookmarks. Shows exactly how to trace a car background image. Lots of detail. Really excellent tutorial! I just think it’ll take me a few weeks though. I could just load a car allready made, but I wouldn’t learn anything. No fun in that. :smiley: So here’s the link if anybody else needs something like this.

Thanks again. You guys Rock! :smiley: