Is Blender more buggy than other 3D softwares?

English is my second language plz bear with my grammars.

I have used 3ds max, tried strata 3d, light wave, etc,.
All of them have their own pros and cons, but none of them made me crazy with a lot of bugs.

I won’t say blender has tons of bugs, but it has a lot. Many crashes, buggy modeling, rendering error,…

I don’t have problem with its UI, actually it’s not that difficult, 3ds max’s UI is worse I think.
and many options blender is offering to us are amazing,

but, seriously, is it only me or Blender is traditionally this buggy? I can’t finish one task without couple of errors or bugs.

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Generally speaking, Blender doesn’t suffer from very many bugs that cause it to crash. Usually when that happens, it’s an indication of a hardware problem or incompatibility. Perhaps you could share some more information about your computer (processor, graphics card, operating system, amount of RAM)

I’ve only seen blender crash because

  1. I did something stupid like plug a huge image into the wrong location
  2. Knowingly exceed what my computer is capable of (save often)

If you experience any bugs, please report them to bugtracker:
I personally think that blender has very few bugs compared to other software.

Blender is generally more stable than any apps I tested and used them.
When a crash happens (usually trying something I don’t quite understand) it is always a surprise for me.
When I can recreate it, a bug report is the best way to go.

There are quite a few issues with intel graphics cards under linux, but these are actually driver bugs. Besides these, I rarely experience crashes.

Compared to Maya and 3DS, no. I’d even wager that Blender is MORE stable for everyday use.

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I have been using Maya for about 4 or so months right now at school and I can safely say it is the most buggy program I have ever used. I have used many 3d software, 3dsMax, Modo, Blender, Zbrush and out of all of them Maya has given me the most headaches. Ranging from corrupted files to just constant crashing when trying to do simple things.

If I had paid for Maya and were not using the student version I would have been extremely disappointed with the quality of Maya.

Blender has surprisingly been gentle to me these past 3 or so years. Nothing major has bad. Only downfall is the lack of polygons that I can put on the screen before it stalls to a halt. Oh and the Cloth sim. I hate the Cloth sim to my core.

As far as I’m aware, 3dsMax isn’t too bad (never used it for a very long time, just a month or 2) and Modo is nicely done (used it for about 5 months). Zbrush is my abusive lover (It has crashes but I keep coming back for more) and unlike Maya is totally worth the money.

My 2 cents on Blender and it’s bugs. As far as I’m aware it’s fairly stable. Just avoid the cloth sim and large poly counts for now. You may just be having some bad luck. Be sure to report them, it may have to do with your specific PC/Mac/Linux.